Firdevs Mansion

Firdevs Mansion

Firdevs Mansion

Firdevs Mansion, one of the most important works of Artuklu architecture, has been in existence since 1364 with its grandeur and beauty. Firdevs Mansion, which challenges time and takes its tourists on a journey into the past, stands firmly on the road to Nusaybin with all its beauty. One of the most important examples of Artuklu architecture, the building was built by Salih Nacmeddin towards the end of the 13th century. Right next to the Governor's Mansion, there is also a pool in front of Firdevs Mansion, which amazes itself with its graceful stance. Firdevs Mansion's plan is actually a large residency. There are three iwans in it, which is a common architectural style in Seljuk and Ottoman architecture. Surrounded by thick niche with three sides and adorned with these ornate embroideries with one side completely open, the eyvans create a distinct refreshment in the interior of the mansion. Firdevs Mansion is the most advanced version of the general architectural lines of Mardin city. Although it seems independent of itself, it is actually spreading to a very large area with its garden, which it is in complete harmony with. This unique beauty of two floors is still used as a home today.

Firdevs MansionFirdevs Mansion


  • huseyinatess
    14.09.2022 11:50

    Eski Mardin'in tamamını görebileceğiniz bir alan. Özellikle Mardin Kireçtaşları'ndan yapılmış evler ve muhteşem gece manzarası tam kartpostallık.

  • melisacubuk
    21.09.2022 08:18

    Mardin için gündüz mezarlık gece gerdanlık olduğunu söylerler. Bu manzaranın en iyi görülebileceği yerlerden biri de burası. Yanılmıyorsam özel mülkiyet.


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