Dara Ancient City

Dara Ancient City

Dara Ancient City

The fingerprint-based Ancient City of Dara, which survives the Eastern Roman Empire, welcomes thousands of tourists every year. The Roman Empire, which is in a great mess with the Exodus of Clan, was divided into the Eastern and Western Roman Empire in 395. Anastasius, the ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire, ascended to the throne in 491, and within 27 years of dominating the people, he founded the ancient city of Dara today. Founded in 505 DC, this ancient city is of great strategic importance. Built to protect the Eastern Roman Empire from the Sasanis, Dara is actually a garrison city. The Ancient City of Dara is spreadover to a very large area. Surrounded by 4 km of walls, the city is a visual feast. The inner castle, which is also depicted by tourists as a grandfather telling the fairy tale for his children, is set in the wide plain area of the 50-meter-high hill. The Ancient City of Dara, consisting of dungeons, churches, palaces, bazaars, cistern and arsenal, has survived almost intact to this day. Cave houses are also found around the city, where all the facades of all structures still stand.

Dara Ancient City Dara Ancient City Dara Ancient City Dara Ancient City


  • fatmahnterr
    20.06.2022 13:28

    Koruma altına alındı diye biliyorum

  • fatmahnterr
    20.06.2022 13:28

    Burası doğunun ephesus u

  • Yusuf Islam
    23.08.2021 11:53

    güneydoğunun efesi muhteşem bir dünya mirası kesinlikle unesconun koruması altına alınması gereken bir yer

  • zehraavarolx
    12.08.2022 07:11

    Ustalık eserleri köprüleri, surları, caddeleri, sarnıçları ve mezar yapıları, o döneme göre iyi düşünülmüş ve inşa edilmiş antik kent.


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