Bab-ı Sor Fountain

Bab-ı Sor Fountain

Bab-ı Sor Fountain

Mardin, which comes from Marde, which means 'Castlecity' in Syria, is also referred to by the same name in the Roman period. Arabs call it Maridin, which is closer to its present name. Located on caravan roads, the city also creates a natural competitive area among the countries of the region. Mardin, which has maintained its importance throughout history, is undoubtedly among the ideal cultural cities for travellers with its works that extend to the present day.ltis a favor to talk about and live in Mardin The historical texture that surrounds the city brings an intriguing atmosphere. One of the values of this historical atmosphere from ancient to present is undoubtedly the Bab-ı Sor Fountain. The Bab-i Sor Fountain, dated 1213, adjacent to a house, adjacent to a house, is located in a pointed arched hollow on the wall, i.e. the 1213 Bab-ı Sor Fountain, which is in good shape and its water flows, although it bears the traces of time. The fountain, made of rectangular marble, is now in better shape with the restoration it has seen in recent years. When you walk up to 9-10 meters from Cumhuriyet Street in Savurkapi District in Artuklu county, bab-ı sor fountain comes waits you vitually like discovering a buried treasure chest. This fountain salutes those who have been around for more than 800 years alongside the routine life flow, children's voices...

Bab-ı Sor FountainBab-ı Sor FountainBab-ı Sor Fountain


  • huseyinatess
    17.12.2022 16:49

    Eski Mardin’in sonlarına doğru, cumhuriyet caddesinden aşağıya inerken sol tarafta, bir kıraathanenin hemen yanından 7-8 metre kadar içeri girin görürsünüz.


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