Sheikh Tavusbaba (Sheikh Tavus Mehmed El-Hindi) Tomb

Sheikh Tavusbaba (Sheikh Tavus Mehmed El-Hindi) Tomb

Sheikh Tavusbaba (Sheikh Tavus Mehmed El-Hindi) Tomb

One of the most visited tombs in Konya, the city of hearts, is the Tavus Baba Tomb in Meram. It is still a matter of debate whether the person lying in this tomb, which is made of brick inside and stone outside, is a woman or a man. However, it is a common idea that he is an Indian person. While it is thought that the tomb may be Sheikh Tavus Mehmed (Sheikh Tavus-ı Hindi), who lived in the Seljuk period, there are also some legends in the book called "Ariflerin Habits" written by Ahmet Eflaki. In one of them, Peacock Mother is told. In the narrated legend, Peacock Mother is a woman with a pleasant voice who plays the harp. She has made many people fall in love with her with her skill in playing the saz. Coincidentally, one day their paths cross with Mevlana. Mevlana cuts off a piece of his turban and gives it to him. On the same day, Şerafeddin, the Sultan's treasurer, stops by the inn where the pleasant-voiced woman is and falls in love with her. Then he takes her to his wedding. He asks Mother Peacock; ‘Until now, you did not have this beauty. What is the reason why I see you as the most beautiful of the worlds?'. On the other hand, Tavus Ana tells him that Mevlana honored him and shows him the piece of turban that he tied on his head. The situation of Tavus Ana becomes such that women from Konya begin to become her disciples.



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    Konya Meramda, cami ile arkasında türbe bitişik çevre düzenleme güzel badem ağaçları ile maneviyatı yüksek bir yer. Duası


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