Protector Ata Foundation Museum

Protector Ata Foundation Museum

Protector Ata Foundation Museum

Built as a complex but hosting its visitors as a museum today, The Ata Foundation Museum is one of the valuable architectural works that has survived from the 13th century to the present day. Keluk bin Abdullah is the architect of the building, built by Protector Ata Fahreddin Ali, one of the vizier of the Anatolian Seljuk State, in 1277. This structure, which has been facing centuries with its robust structure, remains almost the first day's grandeur. One of the oldest Seljuk architectural examples of Konya, the complex is connected to the General Directorate of Foundations in the early 2000s. After several years-long restoration work, the lodge part of the complex opens to the visitors in 2006 as the Master Ata Foundation Museum. Today, the complex, which is used as a museum, consists of a mosque, mausoleum, lodge (hankah) and double baths. Built as a religious structure in the style of classical Seljuk architecture, the building also bears traces of Anatolian civilizations. Fahrettin Ali, who built the complex, his wife and children are in the eternal resting at the shrine of this structure. This complex-museum, where Anatolia's hospitality and synthesize of Turkish culture of Seljuks, comes out of the 13th century history scene and embraces today's explorers so to speak.

Protector Ata Foundation Museum Protector Ata Foundation Museum Protector Ata Foundation Museum


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    23.08.2022 07:30

    Muazzam ötesi bir yer. Girişler ücretsiz. İçeride Hz. Muhammed'in sakal-ı şerifi, Konya Alaaddin Camii'ne ait halı ve kilim örnekleri, el yazması Kur'an-ı Kerimler, kitaplar, hat levhalar, şamdanlar ve daha birçok şey bulunuyor. Kısaca ölmeden görülmesi gereken bir müze.


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