Konyanüma Panorama

Konyanüma Panorama

Konyanüma Panorama

Konyanüma Panorama has the title of being the only museum that describes the milestones and all life of Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi. On the one hand, the museum, which describes 13th century Konya, is the 2nd museum in Turkey with the same characteristics after 1453 Panaroma in Istanbul. Konyanüma Panorama is one of the haunts of explorers who want to examine and understand the teachings of Mevlana, the culture of Masnavi and Sufi literature. The museum depicts the effects of Mevlana and his family on the people in the city, and travelers travel hundreds of years ago. Consists of two parts Konyanüma Panaroma; Gallery and Panorama... The gallery part describes the Mevlana teachings depicted with oil paintings, including the ordeal he suffered, his introduction to Shams-i Tabriz and Şeb-i Aruz. In particular, the painting depicts the participation of people of all religions and races in Mevlana's funeral, instills a sense of tolerance to visitors. The Panorama section of the museum is the most interesting part for the explorers. From wax sculptures to paintings, Konya's effective trade on the Silk Road and Spice Road is also highlighted. In this section, the Seljuk Sultan. Keyhüsrev II with coming into the public through the palace door, Mevlana's sema accompained by the sound of hammer was processed together for the first time.

Konyanüma PanoramaKonyanüma PanoramaKonyanüma PanoramaKonyanüma Panorama


  • burakkya
    17.08.2022 08:12

    Konya kültürü ve tarihinin, Mevlana'nın hayatının resim ve minyatürlerle resmedildiği güzel bir yer. Ücretsiz otoparkı mevcut

  • leylakorkmazz
    01.09.2022 15:21

    Bir şehri anlamak için öncelikle müzelerini gezmek gerektiğine inanıyorum. Konya ili bu konuda çok güzel çalışmalara imza atmış ki burası da onlardan bir tanesi.


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