Koyunoğlu Museum

Koyunoğlu Museum

Koyunoğlu Museum

This is a world-famous museum... The museum and library, which Ahmet Rasih izzet Koyunoğlu spent all his life on for his collection, is one of the most distinguished works of Konya today. Ahmet Rasih izzet Koyunoğlu spends his entire life to expand the collection of the library and museum until 1974, when he died from the day he was born. Just a year before his death, he donates the library and the museum to Konya Municipality, saying, "The person who gave his existence to his homeland and his nation is the happiest of the people." After the death of Koyunoğlu, the surrounding area of his house, which was protected, is retained. Right afterwards, an area of approximately 3.5 square kilometers is built in today's modern building. All the substance of the museums and libraries of Koyunoğlu are also moved here and organized. The museum, which is worked to the smallest detail by Konya Municipality, opens to the public on February 2, 1984 under the name of A.R. İzzet Koyunoğlu Museum and Library. Before entering the museum, the courtyard of the building is passed. The courtyard surrounding the building is also looks like a garden. Surrounded by busts, animal and human statues, as well as tombstones, the garden is like an indicator of a great lasting hassle. Konya House, located in the same complex and west of the courtyard, is also open to visitors. This two-storey house is one of the most beautiful examples of 19th-century civil architecture.

Koyunoğlu MuseumKoyunoğlu MuseumKoyunoğlu MuseumKoyunoğlu Museum


  • aslidemirr
    20.10.2022 06:38

    Müzesi çok ilgi çekici, kütüphane ise görülmeye değer. Samimi ve güzel bir yer.

  • guvenylmz
    27.07.2022 08:13

    Koskoca Selçukluya başkentlik yapmış bir kent için küçük olsada özenle emek verilerek hazırlanmış zengin içeriğe sahip mekan.


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