Gomec Hatun Tomb

Gomec Hatun Tomb

28.01.2022 11:55

Gömeç Hatun, whose tomb is located in the Musalla Cemetery in the Kalenderhane district of Konya, is one of the female saints of Anatolia. The tomb was built in the 13th century in memory of Gömeç Hatun, the wife of Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Rükneddin Kılıçarslan. The mausoleum, which is quite magnificent and resembles a castle, is quite interesting. The iwan arches of the building are decorated with mosaics with Seljuk motifs.

Gömeç Hatun, who was quite philanthropic, had a madrasah built in Tokat and a madrasah and fountain in Konya during her lifetime. High-class women would come together on Friday nights and set up a sema council with the participation of Mevlana; Gömeç Hatun is one of Mevlana's female disciples. According to one narrative, Mevlana foretold Gömeç Hatun that the house he lived in would be demolished and saved her life. For this reason, Gömeç Hatun became a follower of Mevlana.

This structure is also known as Maiden's Tower. The reason for this is that the building resembles a castle and has a similar legend with the Maiden's Tower in Istanbul. According to the legend, this tower, where the tomb is located, was built by Sultan Kılıçarslan for the safety of his family. Gömeç Hatun begins to live in this castle, but the sultan's enemies follow her family. One day, a woman selling grapes was passing by the tower shouting “There are grapes!” and she sells the whole basket of grapes to Gömeç Hatun. However, there is a black snake inside the basket. The snake that comes out of the basket stings Gömeç Hatun and causes her to die. Although he hides in the tower built to protect him, this is the place where he died...

Images: sahibinden.com.tr, Sözcü

Gomec Hatun Tomb


  • sudekilic
    05.10.2022 14:58

    Gömeç Hatun Türbesi, Konya'da, Musalla Mezarlığı'nda, 13. yüzyıldan kalma Anadolu Selçuklu tarzında inşa edilmiş olan türbedir. Büyük bir kısmı kesme taştan, geri kalan kısmı ise tuğladan örülmüştür.


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