Museum of West Front Headquarters

Museum of West Front Headquarters

Museum of West Front Headquarters

In the National Liberation War initiated by the State of Turkey in the name of the struggle for independence, the western front has an important place. The building, which is used as a museum today, was built by the mayor of the period between 1904 and 1905. The building, which operates as a Town Hall and opened to the public, is allocated to the Western Front Command, which moved to Akşehir on November 18th 1921. The commandership is available for a year in the building where preparations for the Great Offensive are being hold. When the history pages showed 1964, the building was transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and underwent restoration work in accordance with original. After five years of repair and maintenance, it opens to visitors under the name of Atatürk and Ethnography Museum. The collection of the museum, which was repaired again in 1981, is developed and is reopened to the public service as today's Western Front Headquarters Museum. The museum collection consists of equipments and firearms, which are generally thought to have been used in the War of Independence, as well as photographs of Ataturk and Ismet Inonu in Konya and the rifle gifted to Haci Bekir Sumer. The purpose of using the building rather than its collection is important, and explorers are guided accordingly. In the room, Ataturk and his comrades made the decision of the Great Raid, the visitors can feel the spirit of that day.

Museum of West Front HeadquartersMuseum of West Front HeadquartersMuseum of West Front Headquarters


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    Son derece güzel organize edilmiş - mutlaka görülmesi gereken bir mekan, bir ulusun nasıl varolduğunu bölgesel olarak özetliyor, özellikle ulu önder Atatürk 'e ait olan kıyafet - şahsi eşyalar çok etkileyici, yolunuz düşerse mutlaka uğrayın


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