Alaaddin Mosque

Alaaddin Mosque

Alaaddin Mosque

The Alaaddin Mosque, which contains features from the cultures of all civilizations contributing to the historical development process of Anatolia, is also one of the oldest architectures of the Anatolian Seljuk State in our country. The mosque, which was built on Aladdin Hill at the behest of The Sultan of the Anatolian Seljuk State. Rükneddin I Mesud, was completed in 1221 during the Reign of Alaaddin Keykubat I. This mosque, which has the tomb of many Seljuk rulers and statesmen in its courtyard, also has an important place in Turkish history. When you look at the location of The Aladdin Mosque, it is seen that it is very close to seljuk palace. The inscription on the entrance door to the north of the building is also written, which was completed by Alaaddin Keykubat I. When you look at the marble book located to the right of the entrance door, it is understandable that the architect of this work is Mehmet bin Havlan of Diskillia. The work, which was completely built in accordance with the classical Seljuk architectural period style, was also built in accordance with the original in today's restoration works. The Alaaddin Mosque, which resembles a madrasah with its cone-shaped dome, minaret and size, is also one of the unique beauties of Konya. Between 1889 and 1890,it is, renovated in the order of the sultan Abdulhamid II, Ottoman Empire, by the Governor of Konya Sururi Pasha, in accordance with its original ity. One of the oldest Seljuk architectural examples reached today, can hosts visitors for four seasons and fascinateits its visitors with its grandeur.

Alaaddin MosqueAlaaddin MosqueAlaaddin Mosque


  • aslidemirr
    20.10.2022 06:39

    Muazzam bir Selçuklu mimarisine sahip devasa büyük Camii. İçerisi oldukça geniş, etrafında Selçuklu hükümdarlarının türbesi bulunuyor ve tarih kokuyor adeta. Görmeden Konya'dan ayrılmayın.


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