Taşköprü City Historical Museum

Taşköprü City Historical Museum

Taşköprü City Historical Museum

During the reign of Sultan II. Mahmoud the decision was made to restructure the Ottoman army. The Janissary Centre will be abolished and replaced with the Redif Battalion. The first step begins from the point that has been transformed into the City Museum today. During the Ottoman period, the reconstruction of the military wing was made. The Janissary Centre was abolished in 1926 and a new army called Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammadiye will be formed. This army structure would prevent damage to the agricultural Ottoman economy and support security and support the regular army. This part-time organization was called the 'Redif Battalion', which was created in 1834. The building, which is home to the City Museum today, has been used in this area for many years. After the abolition of the Redif Units in 1912, the Redif Battalion Building (Taşköprü City Historical Museum) was used for military service for a long time. It was then converted into a Dispensary Center of the Ministry of Health. In 2007, when the dispensary was closed, the Municipality took over this area. After restoration and repair work, it made it available to the public as the City Museum in 2017. During the Hat Revolution (August 29, 1925), the Redif Battalion visited by Gazi Mustafa Kemal himself now serves as the Taşköprü City Historical Museum. Except for Mondays, the museum is open to visit everyday from 10:00 to 18:00 at no cost.

Taşköprü City Historical MuseumTaşköprü City Historical MuseumTaşköprü City Historical MuseumTaşköprü City Historical Museum


  • muratball
    20.10.2022 07:01

    Nispeten küçük sayılabilecek bu müzede bir şehir ancak bu kadar güzel anlatılabilirdi. Taş köprünün yaşam tarzı, meşhurları, sosyal ve ekonomik yapısı kısacası her şeyi hakkında fikir sahibi olabileceğiniz bir müze.


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