Liva Pasha Mansion Ethnography Museum

Liva Pasha Mansion Ethnography Museum

Liva Pasha Mansion Ethnography Museum

Kastamonu is one of the cities of historical and gastronomic importance in Turkey. It has countless features that can meet the expectations of travellers. It is a pleasant city where people can find a similar response to the intense demands of people, especially those related to cultural tourism. In this context, Liva Pasha mansion ethnography museum, where an old mansion dating back to the 19th century can be visited for free today, is one of the city's highlights of cultural values. Converted into a museum in 1997, the mansion welcomes visitors with its historic wood-focused atmosphere. This texture and depth, which gains severity indoors, is complemented by a rich ethnographic collection waiting for its guests here. There are numerous black and white photos on the entrance take the old life in the city as subject. In the continuation of the visual feast, the first floor with tools and equipments for various business branches in Kastamonu is being passed. From here, weaving to shoemaking can be closely examined by historical items used in many areas. Copper and wood items and hand carving works stand out, leaving those who see it alone with cultural elegance. On the other floor, also known as the summer floor, scenes of old Kastamonu life are on display with wax mannequins and historical objects with clothes of the period on them. The house life in various rooms is on display in a nutshell... This authentic museum, which can be visited every day of the week, is open from 08:30 to 17:30.

Liva Pasha Mansion Ethnography MuseumLiva Pasha Mansion Ethnography MuseumLiva Pasha Mansion Ethnography MuseumLiva Pasha Mansion Ethnography Museum


  • rumeysacakmakk
    20.07.2022 07:39

    Kastamonu şehir merkezine yakın bir mesafede ancak ara sokakta kalıyor. Eski bir konağa dizayn edilmiş yöresel uğraşlar el sanatları yöreye özgü kıyafetlerde ilgi çekici.

  • muratball
    20.10.2022 07:12

    Diğer müzelere ek olarak burayada gelinmesi gerekli bence. Ben ziyaret ettiğim zaman çok fazla kalabalık değildi bu yüzden kolay ve rahat bir şekilde gezebildim.


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