Kastamonu Castle

Kastamonu Castle

Kastamonu Castle

One of the landmarks in Kastamonu, the historic city close to the west of the Black Sea in Turkey, is its castle located on a hill dominated at an altitude of 120 meters. Although a significant portion has been destroyed, there is sufficient information about the various details of the castle, named after the city. It is known that it was built in the 12th century by the Komnenos dynasty, which took over for many years in the Byzantine Empire. In the later centuries, the Seljuks were dominated by the Principality of Candaroğlu and the Ottoman Empire. Among other information about the castle, which is used actively for a while. A tower can be seen today from the interior, classified as a castle. There are also cisterns, tunnels, dungeon and a tomb of Yunus Mürebbi, a Turkish soldier known as Bayraklı Sultan. Other sections have been destroyed by various influences over the centuries. At this point, it is estimated that the outer walls were completely removed in the 1700s. Although it has a design close to the characteristic castle types of the Middle Ages, it is recorded that Kastamonu Castle bears some of its features and traces of Turkish architecture. One of the elements that make up the skyline of the city, the historically important castle is located to the point where kastamonu's panoramic view can be viewed.

Kastamonu CastleKastamonu CastleKastamonu CastleKastamonu Castle


  • vlknckcc
    22.09.2022 09:41

    Kastamonu’nun dar ve güzel sokaklarından ilerleyerek gidilen Bizans döneminden kalma, tüm Kastamonu’ya hakim konumda yeni restore edilmiş güzel bir yapı. Oldukça büyük kısım kısım dağılmalar olsada bu güne kadar kendini korumuş olması ayrıca güzel.

  • pelinakgl
    01.07.2022 08:34

    Kale tüm Şehire hakim konumda bulunması nedeniyle kastomonu ayaklarınızın altında girişi yaşlılar için zor.


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