Ismailbey Complex

Ismailbey Complex

Ismailbey Complex

Kastamonu, located in the north of the Anatolian geography that has cradled countless civilizations, close to the Black Sea, was ruled by the Principality of Candaroğlu before joining the Ottoman Empire Territory. One of the prominent historical buildings of the principality, which attaches great importance to the zoning activities in Sinop and Kastamonu, is undoubtedly Ismailbey Complex. Located north of Kastamonu and built by Kemaleddin Ismail Bey, ruler of the last Candaroğlu Principality, Ismailbey Complex is located on a hill overlooking the dented protruding land. Within the scope of the complex, which is thought to have been built in the 15th century, there are sections such as mosques, madrasas for higher education, shrines, inns for trade, baths for health purposes, imaret to help to the poor, primary school of the period. It is also known that there are structures such as libraries and bake shops, although they have not reached the present day. The last time it was repaired in 1992 at İsmailbey Complex, Ismail Bey Mosque is famous for its two large domes and decorations. The imaret has sections such as rooms bake shops, warehouses and kitchens. The single-storey madrasah stands out with its spacious courtyard and student rooms. There are 10 sandukas five of them indicated by the inscriptions, but after the death of Ismail Bey, he is known not to be buried in the tomb he had built in his name, and was taken to another city by his nephew, Fatih Sultan Mehmed, the Ottoman Sultan. The inn, which has been restored in various years and is named as the Camel Inn, is thought to be one of the important structures that contribute to the commercial life in the region. Ismailbey Complex, which was restored in the 1990s and made extremely good in general, is one of Kastamonu's historical landmarks.

Ismailbey Complex Ismailbey Complex Ismailbey Complex Ismailbey Complex


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    Muazzam bir bahçe karşılıyor bizi. İçinde güzel hanlara sahip cami içinde ise birkaç hat sanatı bizleri karşılıyor. Bölge içerisinde alışveriş yapabileceğiniz yerler de yine hanların içerisinde mevcut.


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