Gideros Bay

Gideros Bay

Gideros Bay

Gideros Bay, which is even set in Homeros' Iliad Saga, is one of the landmarks of Kastamonu city. "We have passed through the home land of the high-cultured Henets; Kiteros, named after Kiteros and Aycelos." Kiteros mentioned about iin the most magnificent stories of history is the Gideros of date today and Ayselos is a district of Cide... The factor in the name of Gideros, a natural port, even in the epics of 2800 years ago; that nature is one of the most beautiful surrogates of mother nature. Gideros Bay, which is the most beautiful point where green and blue meet in Kastamonu, increases the city's nature tourism. Consisting of the unique nature of the Western Black Sea and the combination of its most beautiful shores, this bay competes with the magnificent bays of the Aegean. The history of Gideros Bay dates back to the 15th century BC. Here, the Amazons established the city's first site state and was destroyed by Amastris, sister-in-law of Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia. The water is serene and sparkling, as the seafront part of Gideros Bay, which is home to numerous civilizations and cultures, is very narrow. Gideros Bay is one of the most magnificent gifts of mother Nature to Turkey, which has a distinct inner peace in each corner.

Gideros BayGideros BayGideros BayGideros Bay


  • furkanakay
    30.06.2022 09:53

    Çayınızı kahvenizi alıp ailecek gidip su ve kuş sesleri eşliğinde huzurlu vakit geçirebilirsiniz.

  • aydinliramazzann
    08.09.2023 13:32

    Kastamonu'nun eşsiz doğal güzelliklerinden biri olan Gideros Koyu, sadece doğa severlerin değil, fotoğrafçıların da rüya gibi bir mekanı. Koyun turkuaz suları ve çevresindeki yeşillikler, fotoğraf karelerine adeta ilham veriyor.


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