Evkaya Tombs

Evkaya Tombs

Evkaya Tombs

Considered one of the most interesting tombs in the world, Evkaya Tombs are evidence of the city's historical history. Evkaya Tombs, which gave its name to the region where it is located, are shaped by carves into the rocks. The tombs, which date back to the 7th century BC, show that it was built influenced by the phrygian civilization culture of the period with its columned architecture in the open air. Visitors to the venue are most interested in depicting the Goddess who ruled the animals (Potnea Theron). This depiction on the front of tombs, which also shades light on the beliefs of people in ancient times, is an important archaeological evidence. Evkaya Tombs are also used as an open-air worship point during the period of its execution. The three tombs in this cemetery, consisting of eight rock tombs, are monumental. This historical place carved into the bedrock is one of the oldest buildings in the city and is one of the most interesting points of interest of local and foreign tourists. The mystical air of Evkaya Tombs, in which people of the past accepted it as sacred and sent their dead to eternal resting and done their religious rituals, is considered a reflection of the city's rich culture for thousands of years.

Evkaya TombsEvkaya TombsEvkaya Tombs


  • gunessygz
    09.12.2022 06:48

    Kastamonu'da yer alan en eski eser.Antik Paphlagonia dönemine tarihlenen kaya mezarları çok güzel yapılmış görmeye değer bir yer.

  • pelinakgl
    01.07.2022 08:19

    Merkeze çok uzak değil ufak bir yer girişte bilgi veren bir tabela olsa güzel olurdu :)

  • guvenylmz
    03.08.2022 07:23

    Tarihi gözler önüne seren bir yer… Kastamonu’nun en eski kaya mezarı olan bu yapı bloğu zeminden 8m. Yükseklikte oyulmuştur.

  • muratball
    20.10.2022 07:16

    Paflagonyalılara Sesleniyorum Nasıl Oydunuz Kayaları... ( çok güzel bir yapı) 😁


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