Asikli Sultan Tomb

Asikli Sultan Tomb

Asikli Sultan Tomb

Aşıklı Sultan Tomb, also known as Yanık Evliya among the people, is located in the Honsalar District of Kastamonu. It is estimated that in the 5 sarcophagi found here, there were people who were martyred when Kastamonu was recaptured from Eastern Rome in 1116. Since there is no inscription, there is not much information about the tomb. It is known that one of the 5 sarcophagi inside is Sultan of Aşık, and the other is Mehmet Ağa from the Maghreb. It is not known by name who slept in the others. The building, which was restored in 1979, was later demolished and landscaping was done.

According to a rumor, the prayer of a person who prays in a tomb one day will not be accepted. This person takes a candle on it and comes to the shrine and starts a fire there. The governor of the period, on the other hand, dreams that there is a fire in the tomb, and when he wakes up, he goes to the tomb and gives instructions to extinguish the fire. Since the fire is intervened early, the building and its contents are completely saved from being ashes. Upon this incident, it is noticed that the body of the Aşıklı Sultan was not damaged. Therefore, it is thought that he was buried in a mummified way, but it is not. Although only the feet of the saint's body, which has not completely decomposed, are shown to the visitors until a certain period, this is not possible at the moment.

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Asikli Sultan TombAsikli Sultan Tomb


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