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Seljuk Palace

Seljuk Palace

The fact that it is through migration routes from the north and east has made Kars, Turkey's city adjacent to the Border with Armenia, one of the highlights settlements from ancient times. At the same time, the city is located in a military and strategically important region, with the period that began in 1064 with great Seljuk Empire domination, many structures were built. In this context, Seljuk Palace, which is thought to have been built by Abu'l Menuçehr Bey, stands in all its glory even centuries later. The date of construction of the palace, which has a rectangular plan set up on a rocky area, is not known. However, it is clear that he has his own place among the Seljuk zoning works in Kars. The portal door in harmony with its walls is visually worth it; Star-shaped motifs at the door, which has one of the most beautiful stone workmanship of the period, stand out. After entering through the door, the arrivals are greeted by various structural remains. The first floor of the Seljuk Palace entirely damaged because it was made of wood, while L-shaped floors and basement parts, which were recorded as winters used as warehouses, continue to race over time. Seljuk Palace is one of the most visited cultural points of the region with its hall, small rooms and fountain, which can be examined for its admirable decorations that have survived in a very good state.

Seljuk Palace Seljuk Palace Seljuk Palace Seljuk Palace



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