Twelve Apostles Churchs,

Twelve Apostles Churchs,

Twelve Apostles Churchs,

Twelve Apostles Churchs, the 10th-century symbol of Kars city, form a separate universe into the mystical atmosphere created by its history and architecture. The church is built by king of Bagrat III, also known as the Georgian Kingdom. Bagrat III, which ruled from 978 to 1014. Bagrat is known for building architectural artifacts, especially in Kars, close to Ani. At the time of its first was built, the so-called Armenian-Georgian Church was later named after as it be today. Kars was occupied in the 93 war between the Ottoman empire and the Russian government of the period between 1877 and 1878. The church built in accordance with baltic architectural style, is also known as 'Hagia Sophia in the East'. The structure, which was converted into a museum over time, is now used as 'Dome Mosque'. The interior design of the structure resembles a four-leaf clover. This image, provided by four protrusions removed out with niches; likened to a flower that stands on its feet. The structure, which was built to symbolize the 12 apostles of Jesus, the religious prophet of Christianity, and added a separate embossed figure for each apostle, is the most important work that induces the city's religious tourism.

Twelve Apostles Churchs,Twelve Apostles Churchs,


  • aysenurgunduzz
    23.08.2022 06:59

    Harika bir yapı kabartmaları ilk günkü gibi muhteşem görünüyor. 1000 yıl önceki el işçiliği hayretler içinde bırakıyor insanı.

  • huseyinatess
    01.08.2022 06:50

    Günümüzde kümbet Cami olarak kullanılan yapı aslında bir Ermeni kilisesi 12 havariler adıniysa kubbe çevresindeki 12 figürden alıyor…

  • buseats2
    22.09.2022 07:50

    Kilise yapısından camiye çevrilmiş tarihe meydan okuyan bir yapı. Oldukça güzel bir yapısı var. Mimarisi sebebi ile içerisi yazın soğuk kışın sıcak oluyor


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