Karadağ Bastion

Karadağ Bastion

Karadağ Bastion

Built by The Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid, this place is the second largest bastion of Kars, also known as the 'Frontier consisting of city of bastions'. Kars, seen as the transit point of east and west, has been subjected to Russian aggression attempts many times from the 18th century to the 19th century. The Ottoman government of the time also built tabas used as military headquarters in Kars to quell these attacks from Russia. Built by Sultan Abdulmecid, Karadağ Bastion is the one with the most advanced listening technology in Kars. The bastion which spans quite a large area, is also the second largest bastion in the city. The emplacement slated to defend the northern and eastern parts of the city is made of soil. The structures are added to Karadağ to block the Customs road just before the Crimean War in 1854. An arsenal of headquarters with two parts of ammo extends to the Kars River strait. The lookout part on the right side of the mansion has not reached the present day but the warehouse, arsenal and barracks part is intact. The military barracks building on Bastion is concreteand designed as a single storey. If it is right behind this rectangular building, the outbuildings are located. There are labyrinthine underground tunnels, also known as 40 tunnels, among the public to reach the outbuildings. Karadağ's Bastion is protected by the 14th Mechanized Brigade Command until 1990. The place, which was then transferred to the treasury, is among the most sighted and historically important places of Kars today.

Karadağ BastionKaradağ BastionKaradağ BastionKaradağ Bastion


  • aysenurgunduzz
    10.11.2022 10:45

    Çok müthiş bir yer girip sonuna kadar gezdik yer altına kadar iniyor kayboladabilirsiniz tünellerde harika bir yer Kars'ta ki en büyük tarihi yapı kesinlikle gelin görün.


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