Hotel Katerina Palace

Hotel Katerina Palace

Hotel Katerina Palace

Hotel Katerina Palace, the most beautiful and mystical looking building left over from Russia to Turkey, comes across as the place where tourists come to Kars compete to stay. Kars was captured by the Russians after the Ottoman-Russian War (93 Wars), reshaping it with Baltic architectural examples for 40 years. Kars, which is of great importance in terms of historical and trade as the trade center of the Silk Road, is especially present today at Hotel Katerina Palace (II. Nikola Av Mansion) has a mystical and visual feast. The building, which became present in 2017 by Kars Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism with its restoration work, is best known for its astonishing beauty in its lighting. Hotel Katerina Palace is one of the city's most popular attractions, which looks like a divine beam of light that guides the city's enthusiasts on the harsh winter nights of Kars, which has a terrestrial climate. One of the most magnificent examples of Baltic architecture, the palace consists of three parts. Hotel Katerina Palace, which gives an unforgettable experience to its guests who come to stay with its high ceilings and spacious rooms, is one of the most visited spots of Kars.

Hotel Katerina PalaceHotel Katerina PalaceHotel Katerina PalaceHotel Katerina Palace


  • samet
    20.06.2022 14:26

    Kars’a gidip Hotel Katetina’yı görmemek olmazdı. Askerliğim Kars’ta geçmesine rağmen yıllar sonra ziyarete gidilen şehir.

  • buseats2
    22.09.2022 07:41

    Öncelikli olarak tüm Katerina Sarayı Hotel ailesine tatilimizin mükemmel geçmesinde yardımcı oldukları için teşekkür ederiz. 1 haftalık kars gezimiz boyunca tercih ettiğimiz bu otelde gerek manzarası gerek konumu kars çayının yanında konumlandırılmış olması herşeyiyle muazzamdı.


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