Ebul Hasan Harakani Mosque

Ebul Hasan Harakani Mosque

Ebul Hasan Harakani Mosque

It is the mosque added to St. Abul Hasan Harakani complex belatedly by Sultan Alparslan in the name of St. Abul Hasan Harakani, one of the first martyrs of the Turks scholar to enter Anatolia. In Seljuk State, both soldiers and clerics are called Alperen who strive to take Anatolian territory. Abul Hasan Harakani, who was born in The Horasan region of Iran in 963, is one of the most popular Alperens of the Seljuk State... The Seljuks who wanted to make Anatolia Turkish territory, when they wanted to start from Kars came here and fought against Byzantines, and became martyrs. Sultan Alparslan, who took Kars exactly 40 years after Harakani was martyred in 1033, first built a complex where his grave was found. The complex, which consists of a lonely and simple size, is exhausted and worn out in hundreds of years. When the pages of history showed the year 1579, the Ottoman Sultan of the period Murad III. charged Grand vizier Lala Mustafa Pasha goes to architectural arrangements in Kars city. During this arrangement, Pasha restored the tomb, expands the location of the tomb, and builds a mosque here. Abul Hasan Harakani Mosque, which has been subjected to maintenance and repair work many times over time, was finally restored by the Harakani Foundation in 1996 and has its final status.

Ebul Hasan Harakani MosqueEbul Hasan Harakani MosqueEbul Hasan Harakani MosqueEbul Hasan Harakani Mosque


  • muratball
    20.10.2022 07:24

    İstanbul'un hızlı gelişen bu bölgesindeki cami ihtiyacını karşılamak amacıyla hayırsever vatandaşlarımız tarafından yapılan bu camimiz bölgenin ihtiyacını karşılamaya aday durumdadır..


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