Arpaçay Log House

Arpaçay Log House

Arpaçay Log House

Arpaçay Log House, which rapidly increases the cultural tourism of Kars and Çıldır Lake, is leading the rest stops of local and foreign tourists. Arpaçay Log House is built in 2016 by Kars Provincial Special Administration to witness the beauty of Çıldır Lake and to have an unforgettable experience for Kars guests. It serves as a restaurant, café and boutique hotel; it is also among the most frequent spots in the city with its unique view. Those who want to spend a time in Kars, one of the bridge cities connecting Anatolia and Mesopotamia, cannot give up here. The restaurant, which serves fish held in Çıldır Lake next door, the peaceful smell of freshly ground beans of Turkish coffee and Arpaçay Log House, which is the simplest and most stylish example of western architectural style, attracts people. The venue, which serves four seasons of the year, has 40 camellias in which guests can stay around comfortably stand alone in the spring. With the arrangement on the beach, citizens can benefit more from Çıldır Lake and whatever is necessary for a peaceful journey in the arms of mother Nature, is done. Arpaçay Log House, which provides continuous service from 08:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m., is one of the biggest reasons for the city's tourism increase in recent years.

Arpaçay Log HouseArpaçay Log HouseArpaçay Log HouseArpaçay Log House


  • aysenurgunduzz
    10.11.2022 10:38

    İşletme personelleri ilgiliydiler, bina çok güzel tasarlanmış doğal çam ağacından yapılmış. manzarası ve konumuda çok güzel.

  • huseyinatess
    01.08.2022 07:06

    Biz kahve içelim diye girmiştik iyiki girmişiz sarı balık denedik çok güzel yapmışlar kesinlikle balık yemek için gelinmesi gereken yerlerin en güzeli…


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