Yeşilova Mound Visitor Center

Yeşilova Mound Visitor Center

Yeşilova Mound Visitor Center

The discovery of a historic habitat is sure to be exciting enough for archaeologists or explorers to take heart rhythms to an uncontrollable level. Remember the archaeologist in the series Atiye on Netflix. Their excitement is one thing, and the travelers’ another. It is a wonderful feeling for travellers to explore the newfound places, to inhale the texture of their culture. One of the destinations that makes this feeling surprisingly strong is the Yeşilova mound in Izmir. It's hard to believe, but this is a settlement dating back 8 thousand years. It is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. Who knows what the discoverers have experienced, and today travellers can visit this stunning route even on the municipal bus between Bornova and Kemer. Access is also possible by private car or tours. The details of the historic settlement are quite extensive. It contains 4 different cultural layers and 14 different architectural layers. Excavations are underway at Yeşilova Höyük(Mound), which was discovered in 2003. The visitor center of Yeşilova Höyük(Mound), which was opened in this context, was built both to see the excavation site and to perform various activities. It is notable for its modern architecture. In it, you can see the results of the excavations. At the same time, information about the settlement area is given with the visuals of pots and pans, vases and everyday items found in the excavations. Trainings are taking place under the guidance of experts in departments such as the Archeo-park and the Neolithic village. The centre, prepared with a sophisticated approach, is one of Bornova's most tourist-attracting cultural attractions.

Yeşilova Mound Visitor CenterYeşilova Mound Visitor CenterYeşilova Mound Visitor CenterYeşilova Mound Visitor Center


  • guvenylmz
    18.01.2023 07:14

    Güzel bir tesis. İlgili personel çok iyi. Bu bölgede bu denli eski tarihi olan yapıların çıkması ve değerlendirip korumaları başarılı.


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