Necippaşa Library

Necippaşa Library

Necippaşa Library

Necip Pasha Library, located in Tire, Izmir, is a small and modest library that has been in service since 1827.

In the years 1827-1828, II. This is one of the libraries established outside of Istanbul during the reign of Mahmut. It was built by Mehmed Necip Pasha, one of the statesmen of the Tanzimat period. Mehmet Necip Pasha's father is Abdulmucib Efendi, one of the well-known scholars of Istanbul. When Necip Pasha learned that the literacy rate was high in the region, he collected 670 books from Istanbul and established this structure. It is one of the important works from the Ottoman period. The library has a square planned structure and is covered with a dome. In front of the building, there is a portico with three small domes. The floor of the building has been kept a little high in order to protect the books inside from moisture.

The library has a total of 1800 manuscripts and 5,156 books in Arabic, Persian and Turkish. After the donations were made, there are many more books in the library. Many of these works are unique. From Avicenna to Mevlana, from space-aviation to medicine, there are manuscripts of many classical works and a 400-year-old Quran. Inside the building is a wooden one, where manuscripts and valuable printed works are protected; even library staff only touch with gloves. Necip Pasha Library continues to serve as a research center, museum, and library today. Also, admission is free every weekday.

Necippaşa LibraryNecippaşa LibraryNecippaşa LibraryNecippaşa Library


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