Latife Hanım Mansion Memory House

Latife Hanım Mansion Memory House

Latife Hanım Mansion Memory House

Latife Hanım Mansion Memory House, as its name suggests, belongs to the family of Latife Hanım, who is the wife of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Zübeyde Hanım, who is also the mother of our ancestor, spends her last days in this mansion. Latife Hanım Köşkü ANI Evi, located in the Karsiyaka District of Izmir, was extensively restored in 2008. The restoration process remains largely true to the original structure. Both Zübeyde Hanım and Latife Hanım's wax sculptures stand out in Latife Hanım's Mansion memory House. Zübeyde Hanım's loss of life in this house increases the spiritual value of this place a little bit. Latife Hanım mansion Memory House is created by the joint initiatives of both Karsiyaka Municipality and Izmir Governorate. Special items and daily materials from that time are exhibited here. Most of the items are brought to the place by donation or purchase method. The wax sculptures in Latife Hanım Mansion Memory House are made by Yılmaz Büyükerşen, who was the mayor of Eskisehir at the time. Atatürk sent his aide, Salih Bozok, to Izmir to find a suitable home after his mother's illness. He asks that the house he will find should not belong to the Greeks in particular. At that time, Zübeyde Hanım's doctors also said that Izmir weather would be good for her. Salih Bozok finds this house in Karşıyaka for Zübeyde Hanım. At that time, Zübeyde Hanım was paralyzed. For this reason, all the thresholds in the house are removed and Zübeyde Hanım is allowed to walk around with a wheelchair more easily. Before the mansion was expropriated by the Karsiyaka municipality, it was used as a courthouse and then as a lecture hall. In 2018, technological facilities are used and augmented reality implementation is included. Latife Hanım Mansion Memory House, which has two floors in total, is listed as a “special museum” by the Ministry of Culture.

Latife Hanım Mansion Memory HouseLatife Hanım Mansion Memory HouseLatife Hanım Mansion Memory HouseLatife Hanım Mansion Memory House


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    Çok güzel bir sokakta çok güzel bir köşk, giriş ücretsiz.İçeride fotoğraf çekmek serbest. Yolunuz karşıyakaya düştüyse kesinlikle uğramanızı tavsiye ederim.Odalarda Atatürk'ün, Zübeyde Hanımın ve Latife Hanımın balmumu heykelleri var.Tarihin kokusunu hissedebiliyorsunuz.


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