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Kemalpaşa Alaş Kazakh Valley Kımız Farm

Kemalpaşa Alaş Kazakh Valley Kımız Farm

Kemalpaşa Alaş Kazak Valley Kumiz Farm is located in Izmir, 30 minutes from Izmir. Those who follow the Ankara-Izmir road should immediately turn right at the Kemalpaşa crossing. Torbalı-Selçuk direction within 4. miles, this particular venue awaits you. Kemalpaşa Alaş Kazakh Valley Kumiz Farm is located at the foot of Mount NIF. In this sense, it can be said that it is a green and peaceful place with nature. It is possible to encounter various kinds of fruit trees around. This place has a very special meaning in terms of being both a natural and historical place. A lot of information about the farm is transmitted by Shirzat Doğu, a Kazakh Turk. The “Great Cossack migration” that began in 1949 continues for exactly two years. As a result of this great migration, which included the Himalayan Mountains and India, they came to Turkey in 1954. Kazakh Turks were very warmly welcomed in our country during those years. Sirzat Bey is engaged in order to keep alive the two forgotten ancestral cultures and to strengthen the bond between the societies. He buys the valley that was situated here at the time. Because of the large number of Cossacks walking on horses and the resemblance of the landscape, this place was known as Kazakh Valley or little Kazakhstan in those years. There is a traditional otağ(marquee) within the farm. Apart from this, the food culture is kept alive with the Central Asian restaurant. Horses that have a very important place in Central Asian Turkish culture are also extensively bred within the farm. Haiflinger horses, which are of Austrian origin, are particularly interesting. Here you can ride horses with a guide. The fact that these horses are calm and well-mannered significantly reduces the risks of possible accidents. On the other hand, you can take walks on wonderful roads decorated with poppy and daisy flowers.

Kemalpaşa Alaş Kazakh Valley Kımız FarmKemalpaşa Alaş Kazakh Valley Kımız FarmKemalpaşa Alaş Kazakh Valley Kımız FarmKemalpaşa Alaş Kazakh Valley Kımız Farm



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