Karagöl Natural Park

Karagöl Natural Park

Karagöl Natural Park

There is no doubt that the Karagöl Natural Park, famous for its large areas intertwined with nature, has a separate place in Izmir, the Pearl of the Aegean Sea. One of the city's oxygen tanks, the nature park, which covers about 19 hectares, is famous for its wooded areas as well as its lake, which was formed as a result of landslides. The nature park has picnic areas, camping, caravan sites, restaurants and food and drink points such as a buffet. Breakfast in the morning, ideal for barbecuing later in the day. Because it stands out not only with its visual elegance and immaculate air, but also with its social facilities. You can hike and ride by bicycle in Karagöl Natural Park, which is located at an altitude of about 1000 meters from the sea in the borders of Menemen district. It is recommended that you choose suitable shoes and equipment. Karagöl Natural Park in the heart of nature in Izmir, offers pleasant hours to spend with your relatives. And the riot of colors is in the foreground. The natural park is beautiful especially in spring. Therefore, the city's popular sightseeing route, full of unique visuals for photography enthusiasts, is stunning in its location dominating the bay as well as the lake view.

Karagöl Natural ParkKaragöl Natural ParkKaragöl Natural ParkKaragöl Natural Park


  • leylakorkmazz
    31.08.2022 06:46

    Kesinlikle el değmemiş ve doğal güzelliğini koruyor. Karagöle odaklanmadan orman yolu boyunca çeşmeleri ve ağaçlık çardakları ziyaret etmelisiniz. Ağaçlı yol zaten çok uzun gezmeden geçmez

  • mervebakknn
    27.07.2022 07:03

    Yolu toprak yol ve arazi aracıyla rahat gidebilirsiniz. Gittiğiniz zaman sizi harika bir yer karşılıyor. Kamp yapanlar ve günübirlik gelenler içinde yerler var.

  • guvenylmz
    18.01.2023 07:17

    İzmir merkeze 30 km civarında , 1050 m yükseklite muhteşem bir yer. Günü birlik gezilebileceği gibi, kamp yaparakta geceyi geçirebilirsiniz

  • unaloykuus
    09.12.2022 12:31

    İzmir’de kentten kaçmak için muhteşem bir yer.


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