Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum

Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum

Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum

İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum is one of the prominent cultural sightseeing spots of the city. It gained its current striking identity after many years of development. It moved three times, and it took decades for its collection to expand and truly become a museum. It was first opened in Kültürpark in 1952, then moved to Atatürk Boulevard in Karşıyaka district. In its first years, the center, which functioned as a gallery where the works of artists in Izmir were exhibited, and a workshop where painting courses were organized, was expanded in 1973 to gain the form of a museum. Accordingly, the Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum has been serving in its building in Konak since then. The museum, which is a pioneer in the field of plastic arts, has more than 400 paintings, nearly 40 sculptures, a total of 100 prints and ceramics. The works of important artists such as Şeker Ahmet Pasha and Hikmet Onat can be examined in all details at the Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum, which hosts a rich collection. Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum, one of the most visited museums in the region with its collection that is getting richer every day, also serves as an activity area. Conferences, sessions, interviews, film and slide shows are organized. İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum, where courses are held in various periods, thus contributes to the training of talented artist candidates.

Izmir Painting and Sculpture MuseumIzmir Painting and Sculpture MuseumIzmir Painting and Sculpture MuseumIzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum


  • rumeysacakmakk
    22.08.2022 06:24

    İçerisinde Çeşme deniz savaşına dair sergi bulunuyor. Ve buyüzden çok ilgi gören bir müze

  • sudekilic
    06.10.2022 07:23

    Ressam olasım geldi 😅😂

  • yasinxerylmz
    21.07.2022 07:57

    İzmir fuarın içinde yer alan farklı dönemlere ait birçok heykelin ve çeşitli resim koleksiyonunun da bulunduğu görülmesi gereken müzelerden biri


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