Izmir Bird Paradise

Izmir Bird Paradise

Izmir Bird Paradise

Izmir is one of the first cities that comes to mind when it comes to a common culture of life with the wonders of nature. In this context, Izmir Bird Paradise, which is home to many bird species that are almost the complement of natural life, is a corner from Paradise. It is located in the District of Çiğli, slightly outside the center of the city. This is the home of the flamingos in Turkey. It is one of two areas within the borders of Turkey where this sophisticated species can breed, and at the same time the nest of about 30 thousand flamingos. One of the world's largest artificial flamingo breeding islands was also built in the ecoregion where this intensive labor was given. The artificial island, which is the focus of reproduction of the species, opposite an observation tower, is a direct contribution to the increase of flamingo beauty in Izmir. Today, in a small number of countries, especially South Africa and France, such flamingo islands have been made. At least 100 thousand birds are estimated to be present in Izmir Bird Paradise, where the endangered crested Pelicans also exist. The bird paradise, which is also noted for its large green areas, is a residence for living creatures in the habitats that change throughout the year due to its location on the green routes. Up to 50 thousand birds are recorded to have suffered in certain months. The region of Izmir filled with bird sounds, where local and foreign tourists are attracted, is worth gold for travelers and photography enthusiasts. Along with the presence of birds, wild cats, pigs, foxes can also be seen in Izmir Bird Paradise.

Izmir Bird ParadiseIzmir Bird Paradise


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