Izmir Archaeological Museum

Izmir Archaeological Museum

Izmir Archaeological Museum

Izmir is a city famous for its museums with traces of its ancient past. One of the prominent buildings in this context is the Izmir Archaeological Museum (Ethnography). First opened in 1927, the museum was later moved to Konak district, its present location, with a larger number of artifacts in it. Here, artifacts found as a result of archaeological excavations carried out in the surrounding areas of the city are on display. The Izmir Archaeological Museum, which houses a large collection of excavations in leading regions such as Smyrna, Ephesus, Pergamon, Miletus, Sert and Iasos, is not wrong to call the light held on the history being thousands of years old of the western part of Anatolia. There is an invitation to a wealth befitting the identity of the Aegean, which has been the center of civilization throughout history. There are ancient busts on the ground floor. Korean and athlete statues, for example, are quite famous. On the upper floors, there are artifacts from a wide range of dates dating from prehistoric times to the Byzantine Empire. Figurines, pottery, lamps can be seen. Striking structures of the Hellenistic period can also be seen in the museum. The so-called Treasury Department can involuntarily dazzle you with precious grave gifts and coins. One of the important works in the section is Halicarnassus, the Roman statue of Demeter, which is under water in present-day Bodrum. The Izmir Archaeological Museum, which is open 7 days a week during summer and winter periods at different time intervals, can be visited with a modest entrance fee.

Izmir Archaeological Museum Izmir Archaeological Museum Izmir Archaeological Museum Izmir Archaeological Museum


  • aslidemirr
    08.09.2023 11:52

    Tarih ve kültür meraklıları için kaçırılmayacak bir deneyim.

  • leylakorkmazz
    31.08.2022 06:53

    Çok beğendim, müze severlerin mutlaka uğrayıp gezmesi gereken bir yer. Heykeller, figürler ver sergilenen her şey çok ilgi çekiciydi.

  • sudekilic
    06.10.2022 07:23

    Müze kart Geçerli Mi arkadaşlarr ???


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