First Bullet Memorial

First Bullet Memorial

First Bullet Memorial

After World War II, part of the extensive invasion movements on the territory of the Ottoman Empire also took place in Izmir. However, there was a strong resistance in Izmir as well as throughout Anatolia. On 15 May 1919, the first lead against the Greek invasion in Izmir was scored by journalist Hasan Tahsin. Tahsin, who was killed by soldiers after being shot, would thus become a symbol of the Turkish resistance. In this context, The First Bullet Monument in the Konak district of Izmir was inaugurated by the then President Fahri Korutürk on 15 May 1974 in order to keep alive the memory of the journalist Hasan Tahsin. While the monument is made by sculptor Turgut Pura contributing to the establishment of Izmir state painting and Sculpture Museum in 1973, the Orange marble bases really carries the signature of architect Harbi Hotan died at the age of 104. In the depiction on the granite plinth, Hasan Tahsin is seen with a flag in one hand and a gun in the other. On both sides of the pedestal are scenes depicting the courage shown in the Liberty War and the struggle given. Centrally located, the monument attracts year-round interest. In addition, on May 15 every year, the memorial ceremony is held before the Izmir Journalists' Association with the participation of the public. One of the prominent icons of the city is The First Bullet Monument in its entourage, waiting for visitors in Konak, south of the Gulf of Izmir.

First Bullet MemorialFirst Bullet MemorialFirst Bullet Memorial


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    Kordon metro tramvay istasyonu vapur iskelesi saat kulesi ve güvercinleri arasında, tarihi ve turistik bir konuma da sahip ,ülkemizin kurtuluş savaşının baş kahramanını temsil eden muhteşem anıt.


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