Ece Çağlayanı

Ece Çağlayanı

Ece Çağlayanı

Located in the district of Dikili in the Nebiler district of İzmir, Ece Çağlayan amazes those who see it with its natural beauty.

Ece Çağlayani, which is one of the must-see places in İzmir with its magnificent nature, is a place that can meet the needs of the visitors since there are also businesses around it. This waterfall, which is a must for those who go to Lovers Waterfall before going on the way back, is located about 1,500 - 2 thousand meters from the waterfall.

Ece Çağlayanı, which gives a feeling of coolness even while resting around it with its ice-cold water even in summer, is also a very touristic location due to its location where you can pass to the Crying Cave. On the other hand, this natural beauty, which deserves the road to be covered for transportation, is usually flooded by many local and foreign tourists in the summer season.

In Ece Cascade, which is a two-stepped structure, the waters pour first from a distance of three meters and then from a height of 10.5 meters, thus forming the waterfall. It originates from the slopes that are the reason for the depth of the pool part of the waterfall, which is deeper than the Lovers Waterfall. The width of this deep bowl, which is also called the “Queen Bath”, was measured as 9.6 meters and the length as 14 meters.

Ece ÇağlayanıEce Çağlayanı


  • unaloykuus
    25.05.2023 08:03

    Böyle güzel bir manzara için çekilen yol hiç birşey

  • melekbakan
    25.07.2022 07:39

    700 metre yürüdükten sonra Karşılaşılan manzaraya deydi bee 😁


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