World Peace Memorial

World Peace Memorial

World Peace Memorial

The World Peace Monument is located in Bayrakli District of Izmir. It commemorates the known massacre that took place in Sivas in 1993 and resulted in the deaths of 33 people. As it is known, many intellectuals and artists, especially Aziz Nesin, were publicly targeted and wanted to be burned to death within the scope of the activities of Pir Sultan Abdal at that time. As a result of these attempts, a total of 35 people, one of them a hotel attendant, are murdered. In fact, the World Peace Monument is built by the Karsiyaka Municipality; however, since Bayraklı recently gained district status, the monument is included in the boundaries of this place in accordance with The Division Act No. 5747. The World Peace Monument was built by Bülent Kantarcı in 2014. He was the mayor of Çaycuma District of Zonguldak at that time. Which municipality owns to the monument, which is fifty meters above the ground, remains a trivial matter next to the meaning it contains. This magnificent and impressive structure, which is located exactly inside the Nafiz Gürman quarter, is designed to see almost the entire bay. The monument, which has already managed to be one of the symbols of the region, is easily selected even from far distances. There are three separate elevators that allow you to see the view of the bay by going up to the cruise terrace. The viewing terrace will take you up to 25 metres. There is also a pleasant pool of water in the immediate vicinity of the monument. The statues of names such as Tantolos, Alexander the Great or Homaros, which have a symbolic importance in the history of Izmir, attract attention. Souvenir shops and cafeterias around the monument, on the other hand, serve to make this place a more social place. Landscaping is the level at which families can arrive at weekends. Many events, kermess, fairs and concerts are organized in front of the monument during the summer months.

World Peace MemorialWorld Peace MemorialWorld Peace MemorialWorld Peace Memorial


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    15.08.2022 08:46

    Tarihi ile önemli bir yapıt manzara eşliğinde pikniğimizi yaptık lüften piknik sonrası çöplerimizi çöp kutularına atalım


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