Bostanlı Sunset Observation Terrace

Bostanlı Sunset Observation Terrace

Bostanlı Sunset Observation Terrace

Bostanlı is considered among the most elite regions of Izmir. This is a point that makes a difference, especially economically and socially. You can catch this difference from the first moment you step into Bostanlı. Bostanlı, a district of Karsiyaka district, has recently been experiencing a great development momentum. Investments in the region also increase in parallel. Bostanlı is a neighborhood located right on the beach, can be considered as the most important advantage of this place. People from many parts of Izmir can flock to the beach here. Transportation to Bostanlı is possible by tram, ferry and bus. Ferries departing from Konak are generally the primary choice for transportation. One of the first places that comes to mind when it is called Bostanlı is the sunset observation terrace. Bostanlı Sunset Observation Terrace, yet very recently created. Unliket the grey places of stubbornness, the terrace give emphasis to particularly happy social places. This special observation terrace in Bostanlı is created under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The area is also called Bostanlı footbridge. The idea that the people of Izmir should be more intertwined with the coast is based on the idea. The terrace, which starts from the top of a hill area and extends to the sea, consists of a wooden platform. In a short time, this place manages to be a sort of meeting and resting place for everyone. Both picnic tables and chess tables add significant value here. Special vegetative landscaping works on pedestrian paths attract attention. On the same path, decorative lighting is performed on the other hand. The spring bridge, built just above the stream, completely changes the face of the region. Moreover, it is also possible to ski immediately from the bottom side. The footbridge built on the creek rises with a soft profile between the two collars; it is also possible to make kayak access from underneath. The cruise terrace, which soon managed to become one of the landmarks of Bostanlı, is shown as one of the most beautiful places to watch the sun set in Izmir.

Bostanlı Sunset Observation TerraceBostanlı Sunset Observation TerraceBostanlı Sunset Observation TerraceBostanlı Sunset Observation Terrace


  • pelinakgl
    28.06.2022 07:02

    Gün batımına yakın gidip Gün batımını izleyebileceğiniz izmirin en güzel yerlerinden biri 😉

  • gunerican
    31.05.2023 13:29

    Gün batımı için güzel düşünülmüş bir yer…


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