Pergamon Acropolis

Pergamon Acropolis

Pergamon Acropolis

Urban planning in Pergamon develops depending on physical conditions. This situation can be clearly seen when the urban layout and form are examined. There is no natural plain in the Pergamon region. As construction sites are reduced over time in the area, the old terraces are necessarily integrated within the new terraces. It therefore makes it difficult to have a clear knowledge of the city's history. The Acropolis of Pergamon is included in the World Cultural Heritage List in 2014. The Acropolis is located within the boundaries of the district today known as Bergama in Izmir. Although the region has been the target of various invasions throughout history, it manages to survive. The Acropolis is at a very critical strategic point, so it is carefully preserved. The ancient city of Pergamon is located in the Bakırçay Basin. The first traces of the settlement are estimated to date to the 7th century BC. The word "Perg" is used to mean Castle for that period. The region is divided into upper and lower cities. Established at the top of the hill, the city begins to drift downwards with the effect of erosions over time. The philosopher Secundus uses a phrase for this place as “the most famous city in Minor Asia”. The point where the Acropolis is located encounters Arab raids in the 8th century BC. In the 14th century, the Menteşe Principality controls this place. In 1345, under the leadership of Orhan Gazi, it was included in the Ottoman Empire. Very large sacred places and social structures around the Pergamon Acropolis attract attention. The courtyard spaces, which have a peristylli layout, add an important colour to the architecture of that period. In addition, 200 thousand volumes of Pergamon Library, is considered as the most valuable library of the ancient period. The 10 thousand-person theatre located on the hillside has an architectural connection with the Temple of Dionysus. In the lower city area, the sacred areas called Hera and Demeter are worth visiting.

Pergamon AcropolisPergamon AcropolisPergamon AcropolisPergamon Acropolis


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