Ancient city and theatre of Pergamon

Ancient city and theatre of Pergamon

Ancient city and theatre of Pergamon

Although there are many regions in Izmir that attract local and foreign tourists, Bergama always makes a difference with its busy schedule and therefore finds itself at the top of the travel plans. The history of Bergama, which has a serious cultural heritage, corresponds to the year 399 BC. That year it was captured by Xenophon and soon afterwards by the Persians. It has been under Attalid's control for about 150 years. During this period, it is considered to be the center of the Hellenistic Kingdom of Pergamon. Skilled craftsmen are carefully selected and called here on a salary. The Acropolis of Pergamon is rearranged, with reference to the Acropolis in Athens. After the death of the monarch, the region is donated to Rome. The place, also known as the ancient city of Pergamon, had a population of around 200 thousand after it passed under Roman control. Those are the most glorious days of the ancient city of Pergamon. This place suffers serious damage due to the earthquake that took place in the year 262. Immediately afterwards, the Goths attempt to invade the area. Byzantine Emperor II.Constantin allows the ancient city to be rebuilt. For a short time this place falls into the hands of the Seljuk Turks and then the Karesioğulları Principality takes control. The region, known as the ancient city of Pergamon or old Pergamon, fell into the hands of Byzantium in 1357 and then became part of the Ottoman territory. As you can see, there are many traces of civilization in the ancient city today. This diversity makes the ancient city of Pergamon even more meaningful. The theater located in the ancient city of Pergamon attracts attention with its capacity of 10 thousand people. This place is also known as the steepest theatre space in the world. Located within the Acropolis, the theatre has an angle of approximately seventy degrees.

Ancient city and theatre of PergamonAncient city and theatre of PergamonAncient city and theatre of Pergamon


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    Anadolu medeniyetleri açısından antik Roma dönemi aynı zamanda selçuklu ve Osmanlı dönemi eserlerini günümüze taşıyan arkeolojik açıdan çok kıymetli bir yer.


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