Church of St. Voukolos

Church of St. Voukolos

Church of St. Voukolos

The Church of St. Vukolos, one of the important faith centers of Izmir, is a good example of how different cultures and faith groups coexist in history. Today, this historic church, which also hosts cultural and art events, functions as a Press Museum. The history of the church corresponds to the late 19th century. St. Vukolos Church continues to function until 1922. When the congregation has to leave Izmir, the church naturally leaves its active days behind. The Church of St. Vukolos, which remained an abandoned place for a very long time, was converted into a museum at the suggestion of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1924. The building is then opened with the name ”Asar-ı Atika Museum". It is used as a period opera rehearsal hall under the roof of the Ministry of Culture. Unfortunately, in a major fire,it is severely damaged. After the Republic, works on the field of museology gain intensity throughout the country. In this context, some sculptures or reliefs are recovered and placed in the garden part of the structure. In 1951, the museum is moved to the point where the Cultural Park is located. Property rights remain the property of the Treasury for a long time. A circularity issued in 1975 officially places it among the cultural assets to be protected. The outbuildings of the church are arranged in the form of Izmir Press Museum. Apart from the Izmir Journalists' Association, the contents of the museum are created with the contributions of Ege University. Especially recent exhibitions that portray events or people who have held an important place in the field of journalism add significant value to the museum. Especially the Kazakh belonging to Metin Göktepe, the first computer used by Uğur Mumcu and the typewriter where Abdi Ipekçi carried out his work are exhibited. At the same time, many cultural and art events often take place in this venue.

Church of St. VoukolosChurch of St. VoukolosChurch of St. VoukolosChurch of St. Voukolos


  • aysenurgunduzz
    07.07.2022 13:03

    Aziz vukolos kilisesi ile gazeteciler müzesi aynı bahçe içinde giriş ücretsiz görevliler çok ilgili ve bilgili herşeyde size yardımcı oluyorlar.

  • gunerican
    31.05.2023 13:26

    Çok ilgili bir müze gidip gezmenizi tavsiye ederim. Girişi Ücretsiz


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