Agora Ruins

Agora Ruins

Agora Ruins

The Agora ruins, located at the end of Ikiçeşmelik Road in the center of Izmir, is one of the most visited places for tourists coming to Izmir. As Agora is known, it is used in such meanings as city center or bazaar. Therefore, the agoras are considered to be the most active places in the city. It is known that it was built in the 4th century BC in exactly the district named Namazgah. The Agora is a three-storey building built according to the Hippodamos city plan. It stands out as the largest among the Ionian agoras. It is also preserved with success to this day because it is tremendously preserved. Being in the center of Izmir gives rise to a very important advantage in terms of tourism. The Agora faces a very serious earthquake disaster after B.C. Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor, allows the Agora to be rebuilt. During this second establishment, the region takes on a more commercial identity. Excavations started in 1932 and continue in full swing today. During the Ottoman period, this place was also used as a cemetery. The Agora ruins are among the places that treasure hunters always stare at. Today you can travel through history among the sculptures in this fascinating space, which can be visited with a museum card. Today, 129 x 83 meter section of Agora Ruins is unearthed. In addition, a very important distance is taken in the West Portico that surrounds this area. On the other hand, the removal of the City Council and some hall buildings greatly increases the value of this place. These galleries and porticos meet you directly when you go down to the basement of the Agora. According to the inscription inside, it is understood that this place also hosted gladiator fights for a period of time. As it is a very dense and detailed structure, it is a great privilege to visit the Agora ruins with a guide.

Agora RuinsAgora RuinsAgora RuinsAgora Ruins


  • yasinxerylmz
    15.08.2022 07:58

    Sütunlarıyla ön planda olan keşfedilmeyi bekleyen tarihi yer. Konak iskelesi üzerinden gelebilirsiniz, müze kart geçerlidir.

  • rumeysacakmakk
    22.08.2022 06:27

    Müzekart geçerli, giriş ücreti 25 TL. Müzekartı oradan da çıkarttırabiliyorsunuz. Restorasyon çalışmaları hâlâ devam ediyor. Fakat kesinlikle gidilip görülmeli. Zaten şehrin göbeğinde olduğu için Kemeraltını şöyle güzel bir gezip otantik havayı içimize çekip bizi daha da eskilere götürmesi için Agora Ören Yeri'ne uğrayıp günbatımını izlemek harika


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