Ziraat Bank Building (Karaköy)

Ziraat Bank Building (Karaköy)

Ziraat Bank Building (Karaköy)

The Ziraat Bank building, one of the most famous buildings in Karaköy and one of the central destinations in Istanbul, is a rare artifact that is not easy to describe with more than 100 years of history. The building, which was built in the city's prominent commercial center at the beginning of the 20th century, attracts attention with its artistic interior besides its exterior.

The building, consisting of three facades, has an eclectic architectural style, and it was used by the banks first with Austrian origin, then French origin. It also served an Ottoman Institution called the ‘Tobacco Directorate’ for a short time. Finally, in 1944, the Ziraat Bank period begins.

The building which has the view of Karaköy Square, also has a paramount view of the Golden Horn. The building has areas where customers are accepted on the ground floor, and the upper floors of the structure are in the form of offices divided into sections. The loft was added to the original building in 1975.

This structure is beautiful with its decorations, window layout, columns, garland motifs, coats of arms, plant-animal figures, sculptures and doors. This historical value receives praise for its details in harmony with the building's overall composition. A certain part of the Ziraat Bank building, where several restorations commenced in 2017, is planned to be used as an exhibition space.

Ziraat Bank Building (Karaköy)Ziraat Bank Building (Karaköy)Ziraat Bank Building (Karaköy)


  • farukkorkmaz
    18.01.2023 08:11

    Karaköy limanında yer alan bina, İlk olarak 19. yüzyılda Avusturyalı Wienner Bank için yaptırılmış. Daha sonra sırasıyla, Fransız Banque Française des Pays Orient ve Tütün Rejisine tarafından kullanılmış. 1944 yılından bu yana ise Ziraat Bankası Karaköy şubesi olarak faaliyet göstermektedir.


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