Zal Mahmud Paşa Shrine

Zal Mahmud Paşa Shrine

Zal Mahmud Paşa Shrine

Located in Istanbul's Eyüp district, Zal Mahmud Paşa shrine is settled in an elegant complex consisting of mosques, madrasahs and fountains. The well-known architect of this complex, built by Zal Mahmut Pasha and his wife, is Architect Sinan, the palace's chief architect at that time.

In addition to the famous mosque with its tiles, the classical fountain and madrasahs, the mausoleum where the cists of Zal Mahmut Paşa and his wife Şah Sultan, who were recorded as having died on the same day or even at the same hour, can be visited. It is located in the courtyard of one of the madrasahs. A third cist, whose name is unknown, is located in the shrine, which has spiritual importance.

The octagonal planned shrine, which creates a wide and striking perception of space inside, attracts attention because it is covered with a double dome. It has two rows of windows. Also, nice hand-drawn ornaments stand out. It is a rather large and majestic structure.

Zal Mahmut Paşa was an important statesman who served as the vizier of Selim II, the father of two Ottoman Sultans, Kanuni Sultan Suleyman and Şah Sultan. He also served as Anatolian Governor before being accepted as vizier due to his achievements. He was given the title ‘Zal’ for eliminating Prince Mustafa, the crown prince whom Kanuni Sultan Suleyman doubted.

Zal Mahmud Paşa ShrineZal Mahmud Paşa ShrineZal Mahmud Paşa ShrineZal Mahmud Paşa Shrine


  • cannalii
    08.02.2023 17:42

    Çok güzel bir camii, tenha olduğu zamanlarda ayrı bir güzel oluyor, şehrin içinde bir o kadar da şehirden uzak, çoğu insanın yanından geçip fark etmediği o sekinet ve huzur dolu mekân, bir çay içmeye uğramanızı tavsiye ederimm..

  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 08:58

    Sanat atölyeleri ile çevrili, tarihi Mimar Sinan yapısında sakin ve nezih bir ortamda çay kahve içmek için ideal.


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