Yahya Efendi Complex

Yahya Efendi Complex

Yahya Efendi Complex

The Yahya Efendi complex, whose foundation dates back to 1538, is located in the Yıldız Borough, which is connected to the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul. Yahya Efendi, who gave his name to the complex, established a lodge here that functioned as a masjid, Turkish bath, fountain, madrasah, and planted many flowers in the surroundings.

Yahya Efendi, who had a very good reputation during his life, continued to do so after his death. After Yahya Efendi's death, his tomb and lodge were filled with graves of people who wanted to be near him.

One of the most important features of the Yahya Efendi complex is its architectural structure and its relationship with its environment. The dense greenery around the courtyard almost like an umbrella surrounding the lodge and make the visitors feel the peace. This beautiful and mystical atmosphere of the complex presents itself as an excellent value for Istanbul when its magnificent view is added.

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar defines this complex in his lines of poetry as follows; "Divine forgiveness almost takes the appearance of a beautiful human face in the Yahya Efendi Complex." Death is almost a sibling of life in this garden, which is immediately climbed by two or three steps of stairs that makes it a few stages afar which can be considered a road for redemption or a garden of divine love.”

Yahya Efendi ComplexYahya Efendi ComplexYahya Efendi ComplexYahya Efendi Complex


  • buseats2
    09.11.2022 06:34

    Huzur burada, İstanbul'un en güzel manzaralı yerlerinden biridir.

  • farukkorkmaz
    18.01.2023 08:13

    Muhteşem ötesi bir külliye Rabbim herkese burda namaz kılmayı nasip etsin..


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