Vefa Bozacısı (Boza Seller)

Vefa Bozacısı (Boza Seller)

Vefa Bozacısı (Boza Seller)

Vefa Bozacısı, one of the iconic flavor stops on the European side of Istanbul, is located on Vefa Street in the Fatih district. It is a very sophisticated shop that attracts attention with its wood veneer panels, glass mosaics and tiles.

Opened in 1876, Vefa Bozacısı is a cultural heritage in some way. The general appearance of the popular place, where you can drink wort made of fermented grapes in summer and boza in winter, has a warm atmosphere that has been survived to the present day unchanged since about the 1930s. Boza, made with bulgur, water, and sugar, is a delicious winter drink that is drunk at room temperature and usually served with leblebi (roasted chickpeas) on it. It is sold for fairly modest prices. We recommend you to taste it. It is also sold in bottles for those who want to take it home after drinking at the venue.

The historic shop promises an extremely rich atmosphere. By the way, one of the Vefa Bozacısı's favorite products is grape vinegar. Grape vinegar, which is in great demand almost every day of the year, is quite famous.

Besides the boza bottles lined up in rows in the shop, of course, you can see the glass that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and the first president of the Republic of Turkey, drank boza with in 1937 as it is being kept in a glass case today.

Vefa Bozacısı (Boza Seller)Vefa Bozacısı (Boza Seller)Vefa Bozacısı (Boza Seller)Vefa Bozacısı (Boza Seller)


  • buseats2
    11.11.2022 07:37

    Tarihi bozacı karşısından leblebi almayıda unutmayın.

  • bediaertuerk
    16.08.2023 15:01

    Mükemmel bir lezzet. Çok sevdiğim bir mekan.


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