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Üryanizade Ahmet Esat Efendi Mosque

Üryanizade Ahmet Esat Efendi Mosque

The structure, an Ottoman relic on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, was built by Şeyhülislam Üryanizade Ahmet Esat Efendi. Şeyhülislam (Shaykh al-Islam) was the highest rank in religious matters of the period. Ahmet Esat Efendi mosque is located on the coast of Üsküdar.

The mosque, which has an entrance door made with bricks on two sides, was built with a rectangular plan. On the door, the year of construction of the mosque is written 1860, but some sources refer to 1889 as the mosque's year of construction.

The most interesting feature of this wooden mosque, which looks like a mansion, is its minaret. The balcony of the short minaret, is decorated with diamond-line motifs. On the balcony there are stepped arches, with five-armed stars in the joint sections. On the upper side, there are Muqarnas, a geometric type of decoration that we often encounter in Islamic Arts, and on the corners, there are leaves.

Ahmet Esat Efendi, who had taken lessons from known names such as Hoca Abdullah Efendi and Ahiskali Hoca Ismail Efendi, was assigned as Sheikhulislam in 1878 by Abdulhamit II. The path he followed throughout his assignment was based on the fact that the Sultan did not interfere in religious matters and maintained his authority.

Üryanizade Ahmet Esat Efendi MosqueÜryanizade Ahmet Esat Efendi MosqueÜryanizade Ahmet Esat Efendi MosqueÜryanizade Ahmet Esat Efendi Mosque


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