Unkapanı Pilavcısı (Rice Seller)

Unkapanı Pilavcısı (Rice Seller)

Unkapanı Pilavcısı (Rice Seller)

If you ask who is the most famous Pilavcı (Rice Seller) of Istanbul, the answer is undoubtedly Unkapanı Pilavcısı. The historical Unkapanı Pilavcısı is a small place known to everyone in IMC Bazaar, located on Atatürk Boulevard between Unkapanı Bridge and the historical Bozdoğan Kemeri in Fatih district, meets you with its yellow sign and crowded customers.

You can see the served rice, chickpeas and chicken pieces in the shop window in front of which there is a waiter in his traditional outfit at your disposal. You can eat rice & chicken at this famous flavor point. Quality product use and hygiene are among the outstanding secrets of the brand's success. The rice is cooked daily and with chickpeas. It has many regulars. Black pepper and ketchup can be added on it. You can also prefer this way. You can order dessert after your course. A lot of taxis wait in front of Unkapanı Pilavcısı, which has a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Because it is one of the essential preference to taxi drivers for decades.

If you happen to pass Unkapanı, we recommend you definitely taste this pleasant flavour, which forms a perfect duo with buttermilk. 

Unkapanı Pilavcısı (Rice Seller)Unkapanı Pilavcısı (Rice Seller)Unkapanı Pilavcısı (Rice Seller)Unkapanı Pilavcısı (Rice Seller)


  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 08:34

    Enfess bir pilavcı imç gittiğim zaman muhakkak uğrarım.

  • melekbakan
    04.07.2022 07:05

    Pilavı efsane Meşhur kelimesinin gerçekten hakkını veriyor fiyatlarıda makul :)

  • Samet Özdemir
    30.09.2021 19:11

    Duvarlarında yüzlerce ünlünün fotoğrafının olduğu, lezzeti iyi olan ama sonrasında mide yakan efsane pilavcı :)


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