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Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi Mosque

Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi Mosque

It is recorded that the construction of the Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi mosque began in 1899. It was completed in the early 20th century. It is located in the Göztepe Borough of Kadıköy, one of the districts of Istanbul.

It was built by Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi, the founder of the Göztepe borough in the city and one of the first industrialists in the Ottoman Empire.

With the entrepreneurial adventure that extends from the point of selling tobacco in the streets to the establishment of factories by blending tobacco from the villages, Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi later sold his plant for a large amount of money and bought a large land. Later, he built a mosque on this land, which is named after him.

The mosque, located close to Göztepe Railway Station, is one of the places to visit with its historical texture. Dazzling with its historic textured stone walls and glass, the mosque has a minaret and two cheers. The appeal of the stone walls is immediately noticeable when entering from the courtyard. In the interior there are two independent domes. In the mosque where there is a minaret through which you can pass, wooden details are quite noticeable. In the garden of this distinguished mosque there is a fountain and a fountain for ablutions. Additionally, the tomb in the garden contains the cists of Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi and his family. 

Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi Mosque Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi Mosque Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi Mosque Tütüncü Mehmet Halis Efendi Mosque



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