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Turabi Baba Shrine and Public Fountain

Turabi Baba Shrine and Public Fountain

Although the construction date of the Turabi Baba shrine in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul is not exactly known, it is believed that it was built in the 19th century. It houses the Tomb of Kadiri Sheikh Mehmet Turabi, who worked in the Tersane-i Amire. There is no information about the architect.

It was built after the death of Turabi Efendi. The roof of the rectangular planned shrine is flat. The brickwork used on its facades makes the mausoleum distinctive. There is a fountain in the middle of the facade facing the Golden Horn. The fountain consists of a small arched niche and an ornamental slab. Basin, tap and the ornamental slab were added later. Turabi Baba Sebili is written thereon with modern alphabet. This inscription was added in 1999 after the shrine was repaired. 

On the roof of the mausoleum there are old ship masts for solidity. On the ceiling, the Traverse rails coming out of the shipyard are used. The shrine contains the graves of 13 people. It is not known to whom the six belonged. As a result of a fire in the mid-20th century, the remaining parts of the lodge next to it were used as warehouses and completely destroyed in 2004.

Turabi Baba Shrine and Public FountainTurabi Baba Shrine and Public FountainTurabi Baba Shrine and Public FountainTurabi Baba Shrine and Public Fountain


  • cemmelih
    28.09.2022 07:43

    Mehmet Türabi Efendi, Tersane-i Amire’de çalışan Osmanlı gemicilerinden olup, aynı zamanda Kadiri Tarikatının da şeyhi idi. 1812 yılında ölmüştür.


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