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Theodosius Obelisk (Dikilitaş)

Theodosius Obelisk (Dikilitaş)

The Obelisk of Theodosius, located south of the historic Sultanahmet Square in the Fatih district of Istanbul, is an obelisk brought from Egypt in 390. . It was brought to the city by Roman Emperor Theodosius I and erected on its present location.

Theodosius I was the Leading Actor in one of the turning points of Roman civilization. Because after his death, the Empire was divided into two parts: the Eastern (Byzantine) and Western Roman Empire, so as not to unite again. It is believed that the date of construction of the obelisk is close to 1450 BC. It was in front of the Temple of Amon Ra, one of the largest historical structures in the world. Constantius II took it from its place at Karnak in the mid-4th century and brought it to the city of Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. The second and last time it was displaced was in 390. It was moved to Istanbul by ship, to its place in the Ancient Hippodrome. The Obelisk of Theodosius in the Ancient Hippodrome, although it is not a hippodrome anymore today, still stands after more than 3,500 years and welcomes its visitors.

Its structural features are not very complex. It is a classic Egyptian Obelisk. It has inscriptions on each facade. On The Obelisk of Theodosius, which sits on a marble pedestal, hieroglyphic inscriptions specific to the ancient period can be clearly seen. The Egyptian god Amon Ra is mainly mentioned in inscriptions written from top to bottom along with paintings. It is approximately six meters shorter than its original height, with a total length of 24.8 meters. Its weight is believed to be 200 tons.

Theodosius Obelisk (Dikilitaş)Theodosius Obelisk (Dikilitaş)Theodosius Obelisk (Dikilitaş)Theodosius Obelisk (Dikilitaş)



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