Terziler (Tailors) Synagogue

Terziler (Tailors) Synagogue

Terziler (Tailors) Synagogue

In Istanbul, the Terziler Synagogue in Beyoğlu district, which houses many places of worship inherited from the Ottoman Empire, is located on Felek Street, where there is also a historical hospital in the Galata district. The synagogue was opened in the late 1800s for a leading Jewish community, and it was closed in the 1960s as a result of a significant decline in the community's population. On the other hand, since the founders died without leaving an heir, the issue of its property rights referred to judicial process, and after the recent hearing, a decision was made in favor of the Yüksekkaldırım Ashkenazi Synagogue Foundation.

After all, it is known to have remained empty for more than 20 years after the 1960s. After its renovation in the 1980s, it now functions as an intriguing art gallery in a 19th-century atmosphere.

The front facade of the historical building which is left between the two buildings faces Felek Street, and the back facade faces Banker Street, another important sightseeing point. You can easily access this place. You can reach its elegant door with a few steps staircase.

Its exterior architecture features eclectic architectural details that reflect a very popular style today. A small number of art collections in the interior, along with Modern lighting elements, can be closely examined.

Terziler (Tailors) SynagogueTerziler (Tailors) SynagogueTerziler (Tailors) SynagogueTerziler (Tailors) Synagogue


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