Terkos Pasajı

Terkos Pasajı

Terkos Pasajı

It is possible to find products from all over the world in shops and shopping centers in Istanbul. One of the most important features of the cosmopolitan city is undoubtedly the extraordinary variety offered in this area. Shopping can be done at many different points in İstanbul, but when we consider some price deals, there are major well-known destinations. One of them is Terkos Pasajı.

Terkos Pasajı which is one of the interesting shopping spots on the European side is located on Terkos Çıkmazı street, close to the famous Istiklal Street of Beyoğlu district. Terkos Pasajı is a place full of shopping opportunities regular visitors of which cannot give up. Because surplus products exported by world-famous brands can be purchased at lower prices according to market conditions. End-of-series and defective products are also offered in a wide variety.

Although it surprises its new visitors at first glance with its side-by-side stalls and its unique mess, you can adapt to this atmosphere in a short time. It attracts visitors with relatively attractive options.

Terkos PasajıTerkos PasajıTerkos PasajıTerkos Pasajı


  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 14:02

    10 liradan başlayıp istediğiniz miktarlarda alışveriş yapabilirsiniz. Bir sürü dükkan ve satıcı var gayet güzel ürünler var..

  • gulleribrahimm
    28.12.2022 08:10

    Birçok markanın benzer ürünlerini 5de 1 fiyatına alabilirsiniz. Orta kaliteli ürünler var genellikle. Sık gidip bakarsanız çok kaliteli parçalarda bulabilirsiniz.(


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